1. Name? Flick Haigh
  2. Nicknames? Slick or Racer, however, most people know me as Flick.
  3. How did you get into racing? I first got a taste for the racetrack at Bedford, on one of their corporate driving days. However, my Dad is into his classic rallying so I suppose I have grown up around motorsport and a love for cars.
  4. How long have you been racing Caterhams? 5 years now, I first entered the Caterham graduates racing club in 2007.
  5. Which Caterham championship are you currently racing in? I am currently competing in the BookaTrack.com Caterham Superlight R300 Championship.
  6. What is your best Caterham result? The 2009 Classic graduate championship.
  7. What is your favourite circuit and why? Pembery, because I not only had my first Caterham race there but also my first win!
  8. Do you have any race day superstitions? I have a pair of lucky knickers that say Happy Day. I am not sure they really help but I like to think they do!
  9. What has been the best moment in your Motorsport career? Winning the Classic graduate championship in the final round at a very wet Spa and denying a fellow racer of a fourth consecutive championship title.
  10. What is your favourite car that isn’t a Caterham? My dream car would be a Lamborgini Gallardo Spyder in white with black wheels, I think it would suit me perfectly. However, my M3 CSL is the best car I have ever owned.
  11. Who is your motorsport hero? Colin McRae for his win it or bin it attitude and his enthusiasm for the sport.
  12. Do you have any hobbies other than motorsport? I enjoy my outdoor lifestyle and looking after the horses, dogs and the rest of the menagerie. I also love spending time in the South of France and one day hope to live out there.
  13. Who is your favourite current F1 driver? Lewis Hamilton in the dry and Jenson Button in the wet.
  14. Tell us an interesting fact about you. I removed my sofa from my living room to make space for my indoor hot tub so I could watch TV and enjoy the benefits of a spa!